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Planning Board

Introducing our Kanban-style planning board, a versatile tool for tracking all aspects of your organization, whether it's managing upcoming events, release schedules, or organization-specific goals.

Each new task can contain store any of the following details:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Priority level
  • Image
  • Calendar event
  • Checklist
  • Ability to have a discussion under each task
  • Linking of any Release, Artist, Apparel, or Blog Post content
  • Linked Staff Members


With our calendar tool, you can seamlessly manage all your events, meetings, release dates, and more, all while staying connected to other site content.

Each calendar event can be linked to staff members, ensuring timely notifications and collaboration.

You can view the calendar in 3 modes: month, week, or an individual day.

Public Site

Under Construction* Returning Soon.

With our public site tool, there's no need to concern yourself with extra design and development expenses. Simply upload your content, customize your site's appearance, and showcase it to the public!

The Public Site tool in Cadenza MIM effortlessly transforms your uploaded content into a user-friendly website for your organization. Our Public Site builder grants you the freedom to select from a wide array of designs for each section of your website, giving you control over colors, social media links, and more.

Music Promotion


Utilize our Music Promotion tool to efficiently oversee and manage all promotion efforts related to your music and artists.

With our app, you have the power to craft and personalize dedicated release promotion pages, serving as a centralized hub for comprehensive information and download sources related to upcoming releases. These pages are the perfect resource to share with your music promoters.

Email Hub

Receive any email sent to and from your organization and view them right in our app! No need for password sharing. Assign your staff members the appropriate permissions, and let us take care of your email management!

View unlimited "un-tracked" emails from your Organization and a limited amount of "tracked" emails per month for your organization's subscription level.

Un-tracked email types: Organization updates, Subscription updates

Tracked email types: Promotion Emails, Promotion Page feedback responses, Public Site contact us messages

Tracked email limits: Adagio (Free) - 100 | Moderato - 500 | Vivace - 1500

Event History


Effortlessly monitor every action within your organization. Maintain a comprehensive record of incoming events and ensure accountability for staff member's tasks.

As an organization owner, you have the flexibility to control logging for each event. You can find this option in the 'Actions' dropdown on the Event History tab, allowing you to select the events you prefer not to be logged for your organization.

Staff Management

Effectively establish and oversee staff accounts connected to your organization! Assign specific permissions to individual users, streamlining task distribution within your team.

Control the following permission types for each staff member to access those app sections:

  • Releases
  • Apparel
  • Artists
  • Blog Posts
  • Public Site
  • Planning Board
  • Calendar
  • Staff Management
  • Event History
  • Music Promotion
  • File Storage

File Storage

Monitor all uploaded files in your organization, whether they're images or MP3s. Easily reuse these files for various content requirements, eliminating the need for repetitive uploads.